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Fantastic experiences with Rosslyn Automotive! I initially visited them to see if I could get a damaged tire repaired, but was informed that the tire had to be replaced. The front office staff was very friendly, informative, and knowledgeable as to why it had to be replaced and what caused the damage. They were able to replace it and perform the balancing at a very reasonable price. I also mentioned I was having an issue with my back brakes, which they examined and explained it wasn't an issue with the brake pads (which I had thought), but just an adjustment to the brake pads which they did for free! I also really appreciated that they did not try force other repairs on me to try and get more money.  After getting the work done, I found out the car was vibrating when reaching speeds above 60 MPH. I returned to the shop and explained that I had work done previously and the issue I was having. They took the car in, performed the alignment, put air in all the tires (which I did not mention, but they did as a favor), and to my surprise, they didn't ask for a single dime. The repairs were done for free, no questions asked. The car is running great now.  Truly an outstanding auto shop with service that was friendly, knowledgeable, and very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a solid car shop.

-Brian I.

I have been taking my car to this place for 3 years already and I don't have one sigle complain about the service. What I like the most other than the service is that they are not like the typical scammers mechanic that try to sell you or prentend that something is wrong with your car. I feel comfortable about asking what is wrong with it because they will tell me if something need to be replaced or how long it will take to complete broke down.

-Google User

Having worked on cars at an auto shop previously, I can say this shop is legitimate and doesn't overcharge (and seems competent). I've met my fair share of other auto shop workers who are dishonest and condescending, especially with being a woman, so I am extremely wary to who I take cars to when it's an issue that I don't have the means to repair myself.   My experience: I've only come here once to plug up a puncture in a tire. I've plugged these up before with my own hands, and have charged customers for it, and it doesn't take any longer than 5 minutes, and charge $10-15. I called up other auto shops in the area to ask the price of this quick & easy repair and I would be quoted up to $60 (WHAT???) Rosslyn was $15, plus it didn't take them more than 10 minutes despite having a full lot of cars being worked on.   I don't know the caliber of their services when it comes to other repairs, but from my experience, I would return to here if I ever needed to.

-Google User